Hey everyone,

For those of you who are not on my Facebook friend list, I just wanted to post this quick note to let you all know that I have had to make the difficult decision to give up my Wednesday morning Power Yoga class at the Fort Mill YMCA. That super early time slot is hard to find a sub for, and with beginning medical treatment next week, I didn’t want to chance having to cancel class frequently if I have “bad” days. Also, rest is crucial to me being able to recover effectively, so I need all the extra sleep I can manage.

Today was the last class. However, a friend of mine has offered to take over the class, so as soon as she gets through the hiring process, the class should be back on the schedule. Contact the Y directly to find out when it’s coming back…I’d hate for you to show up and be prepared for yoga, and there is no one there to teach.

It will be very hard for me without this class…I started this class myself two years ago, and have a great group of regulars that I dearly enjoy working with. When I am feeling good, I definitely plan on coming and being a student with you. And if the time is right someday, maybe I’ll be teaching it again.

At this point, my only regular yoga class will be on Sunday afternoons at Synergy Yoga & Wellness, at their Rock Hill, SC location (at 111 Caldwell Street). Come join me there if you can. It’s a Mixed-Level Vinyasa class that runs from 4:15 – 5:30 p.m. I’d love to have you there! You can go to Synergy’s Web site at http://www.ncyogacharlotte.com for more information.