My name is Melanie and I live in Fort Mill, SC. I’ve been practicing yoga since 1999 and have been a yoga teacher since 2002 (find my full yoga bio here). I am also a certified Spinning instructor and have been teaching classes since 2011.

I’ve also been dealing with a variety of mysterious health symptoms since 2011, and was diagnosed in October 2012 with Chronic Lyme Disease that presents with neurological symptoms.

With all the health issues I’ve been dealing with, I’ve had to drastically change things in terms of what I’m used to for fitness. Whereas I used to follow a very strict schedule, now it’s a day-by-day thing…if the fatigue and pain are manageable, I exercise. Otherwise, I just try and get in at least a walk with my dogs. Right now, I just know I need to listen to my body if I’m to get better. However, my yoga and cycling have been a huge part of what has gotten me through all of this as well as I have…especially the  yoga, as I have really worked hard to incorporate not just the physical practice, but the philosophical and spiritual aspects as well. I’ve also recently incorporated strength training (focusing on heavy lifting), and am loving it!

This blog will be focusing on two things:

  1. A yoga focus. Many of my yoga students want to know more about yoga…why we do certain poses, how yoga can help with things like stress, etc. Each yoga post will focus on what we will be working on in class so everyone will know what to expect when they come to class. Sometimes it will be a particular pose or body part, and sometimes it will be more of a spiritual or philosophical focus.
  2. Health and wellness. Between my students, family and friends, many are concerned and want to know what’s up with my health as things progress. I’m constantly trying new things in an attempt to control my symptoms in as natural a way as possible. Putting it here in this blog does two things for me: it helps me inform everyone in a very efficient way, and it also helps me to keep things straight in my own head. With everything I’ve gone through, I’ve noticed it’s harder and harder to remember details, and details are critical if I’m to get back to my old self. So chronicling my health journey will help me to maintain my sanity.

Because my goals with this blog cover two very different areas, I tried to make it easy for everyone. If you only care about my yoga posts, then click the “Yoga” link in the top navigation and you’ll only see the posts that deal with that topic. And click “Health” if you only want to see the posts about my personal health journey…the health posts are password protected, so if they are something you are interested in reading and keeping up with, please e-mail me at scyogagirl@gmail.com for the password. Please know that some of my health posts could be pretty raw, as I want to keep it real in terms of my feelings and emotions. 🙂

If you have any questions, send me an e-mail anytime. You can also find me on Facebook.

Thank you for coming along with me on this crazy ride called life. 🙂